by Triston Brewer

For years, The Rufskin brand has remained committed to producing men’s fashion that delves to stay at the forefront of the industry with no boundaries on how to create stylish apparel that resonates with their clientele. The company is now celebrating their 15th anniversary as a worldwide menswear entity that creates a line of swimwear, underwear, and athletic wear that is expertly produced, sexy, and a bold alternative to conventional design.

Staying true to their mission statement, Rufskin is an American company that has structured their company in a way that encompasses all aspects of design. From pattern making to marketing, photography and more, Rufskin ensures that their persona remains intact in every aspect of the business and stays true to their objectives. As a result, their dedication has yielded rewards and accolades that are a testament to their desire to always stay connected to their market.

Founded by Hubert Pouches and Douglas Coats, the company is the brainchild of two men that took their shared passion for men’s design and launched Rufskin in 2002, maintaining an independent and singular approach within the fashion industry. The company prides itself on merging a European aesthetic with an homage to American progressive thinking. The two aimed to fill the void in the men’s market by creating their own line that focused on intricately tailored apparel that was not only a collection, but a lifestyle.

Just who is a Rufskin connoisseur? The label attracts men that are bold when it comes to fashion and who insists on a winning combination of style, quality, and sexiness. Rufskin provides men with a line of apparel that lies within the traditional aesthetic with a twist of intrigue to a winning mix that celebrates sartorial freedom and the right of all men to choose. What started as a men’s jeans company has evolved over the years to become a formidable fashion label that celebrates the modern man.