British retailer VOCLA has just received three exciting new collections by Cellblock13.  Lets have a quick look at them:

CellBlock 13 Darkroom

The Darkroom is a range of blue or red jockstraps and briefs which are made from a see-through, sheer mesh material panels to create a sexy look.

Cellblock13 underwear - darkroom

CellBlock 13 Fusion

You have probably seen this collection featured at Men and Underwear a few weeks ago. The Fusion is a range of underwear with a ‘wet-look’ pouch and a U-bulge cock sling to provide frontal lift and enhancement.

Cellblock13 underwear - fusion

CellBlock 13 X Wing

VOCLA has created a gear pack containing both the X Wing jockstrap and harness in a gift box. The styles are made with black neoprene rubber and finished in either grey, red or blue trims.

Cellblock13 underwear