It’s become a common thing for underwear stores to launch their own brands. Their expertise in the field in combination with voids in the men’s underwear industry helped some of them to become quite popular. The latest store to launch its own label is But here, the story is a bit different and very interesting. You probably all know that Bike has suspended manufacturing their well known and hugely popular jocks so the guys at tracked down the manufacturer and started producing their own label. The new brand is called Gym Jockstraps and is identical to the Bike products. With everything we love about them and the guarantee that they are made under the same production line it is probably a must see – must have collection. Apart from the name on the waistband all the rest remain exactly the same. Gym Jockstraps have just been released and no wonder they become best sellers on the retailer’s store.

There are six sizes available, up to 3XL, to all the products. Moreover the sizing of what used to be the Bike Vintage Throwback edition has been corrected so it doesn’t run smaller that the others. Also, the 3″ version has expanded to include black and heather items while in the 2″ version has expanded to include a grey option.

Go and check the new label and grab them while you can. We bet stocks won’t last very long!