Britain’s mens underwear and swimwear store VOCLA is adding constantly more brands to their collection. The latest addition is a brand from Australia we love: BCNU. Check out the full 2016 swimwear and underwear collections the store has now in stock here and find below some extra information along with some of BCNU’s campaign images.

BCNU is an Australian brand offering mainly sportswear and streetwear. The brand name stands for ‘Be Seein’ You’. The products are known for their innovative style, form and function alongside sporty designs.

BCNU Underwear

Many of the underwear styles have sporty designs with colour-block and stripes. They are made with a unique sports’ mesh material. BCNU’s super soft cotton and elastane punch-hole fabric is ranked amongst the highest composition of cotton fabrics on the market. This cotton punch-hole fabric has micro vents for increased breathability, drawing moisture away from the body and has been constructed with a super-soft microfiber waistband for extra comfort. Unlike most underwear on the market, BCNU have included elastic in the rib around the leg openings as an extra feature, so you won’t get any gaping and the underwear will never lose its shape.

BCNU underwear - Incognito Trunk

BCNU underwear - Pulse Brief

BCNU Swimwear

As with the underwear, the designs are sporty featuring colour-blocking and stripes. BCNU swimwear range includes briefs, trunks and shorts in a variety of top quality Italian materials such as micro suede for the Rolla swim short.

BCNU swimwear - Bumpa Swimming Trunk

BCNU swimwear - Rolla Swim Short

BCNU Vivid Swim Brief

BCNU swimwear - Vivid Swimming Brief

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