In today’s edition we present two discoveries we made at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, 23 – 25 January 2016: Original Eskimo (Belgium) and Lashevan (Korea). From each of the brands we received a pair of boxer briefs as sample which we tested right away. Here are our impressions, written and reviewed by Marc Delavigne for Men and Underwear.

Original Eskimo: Studio Polka Dot cotton boxers

Original Eskimo (also on Facebook) is the modern continuation of the family company “Eskimo” in Gent, Belgium, that started in 1906. They carry a wide range of clothing products from underwear, swimwear and socks to T-shirts and long-sleeve button-down shirts for both women and men. Their style is casual to elegant with a focus on the latter. The new collection also includes the “Play” series featuring cool prints and partly variations of the Eskimo theme.
All items of the brand carry the Original Eskimo logo. It is embroidered, not applied by transfer print, so it can never flake off.

Original Eskimo underwear

Original Eskimo underwear logo

The sample under review is a pair of the “Studio Polka Dot” boxers. One of the first characteristics we noticed is the flat front that makes this model less suited for physical activities, but gives it a classical, elegant cut, while the dot print and the Eskimo embroidery imparts a young, vivid style. The plain solid-blue waistband without any print contributes to the classy and unpretentious look. With these boxers you could comfortably lounge in your living-room in a circle of family or friends without being embarrassed by too prominent anatomical features. The fabric (100% combed cotton) feels very pleasantly soft on the skin. Despite the absence of elastane, the material provides enough natural stretch. You don’t feel squeezed by the straight cut pouch which offers the necessary freedom of movement for everyday activities (although probably not for running or cycling). The production quality looks very solid with robust seams. In the Original Eskimo online shop the Studio Polka Dot boxers are presently sold in double packs for 30 EUR. Delivery is free on all orders! Many thanks to the Original Eskimo team for providing the review sample!

The author in the Studio Polka Dot boxers provided by Original Eskimo, lighting a fire after returning from the Salon International de la Lingerie 2016 in Paris. The reviewer is 185 cm tall and wears size M.

Lashevan: Real Madrid boxer briefs

Lashevan is a South-Korean underwear brand, founded in 2001, focussing mostly on short and thigh-long boxers. Their special development is a novel, patented pouch, the anatomical “3D structure” separating the upper and lower parts of the male privates to avoid rubbing against each other. For improved thermal control, the lower part of the pouch is made of only a single layer of fabric. All Lashevan products are made of 94% Tencel® (a.k.a. Lyocell) and 6% Polyurethane. Tencel is a natural material derived from eucalyptus wood. It has anti-bacterial and moisture wicking properties.

Lashevan underwear

Lashevan underwear
Front and back views of the Real Madrid boxer brief by Lashevan showing the double pouch (“3D structure”) and the silvery label covering the ends of the waist band.

The sample provided by the Lashevan team at the Salon de la Lingerie is a boxer brief from the “Real Madrid” collection, a range of underwear created to honour the commercial partnership with the Spanish football club. The club’s logo is printed on the fabric and on a small label that covers the seam joining the two ends of the elastic waistband on the rear side of the boxer briefs. The construction of the garment looks thorough and robust. The fabric feels soft and light against the skin. The special pouch is pleasant to wear, but at the same time, due to the seam separating the upper and lower parts of it the appearance is quite unusual. Lashevan’s products are available on their website which, however, is mostly in Korean language. We thank Lashevan for providing the sample.

Marc Delavigne in his Lashevan underwear

Marc Delavigne in his Lashevan underwear
The author in the Real Madrid boxers provided by Lashevan, preparing dinner after returning from the Salon International de la Lingerie 2016 in Paris. The reviewer is 185 cm tall and wearing the Korean size 100, corresponding to M.