Two new campaigns and a video presenting more from its Winter 2018 collection were just released by French label L’Homme Invisible. The video presents behind the scenes footage during a shoot for the new lines of the brand, while the two new campaigns are for its striking Manta and Imperial lines.

The Imperial line comprises men’s underwear in four styles: V-Boxers, Push Up Hipsters, Push Up Trunks and V-Strings. There are also T-shirts made from the same fabric. All the underwear styles are cuts the luxury label is known for and made from a fine, Italian fabric featuring floral baroque patterns in velvet. This line comes black and ottanio, a very unusual dark blue-green tone.

The Manta line comprises men’s underwear in four styles: V-boxers, Push Up Hipsters, Push Up Trunks and String Striptease. In this line as well there is a T-shirt made from the same material. The fabric of this line is also Italian with a burnt out treatment, offering a floral pattern and a semi transparent effect. This line comes in a ruby red combined with black detailing.

All the items from both lines are handcrafted. These is very discreet or no branding at all, in order to let the styles and unique fabrics speak for themselves.

The campaigns you see below were photographed in Paris by Mateo Armand. The great photographer worked with models Jeremy Douille (posing in the black, Imperial line underwear) and Julian Ardley (posing in the red Manta line) to feature the new products. Enjoy the shots and the stunning designs of this brand. Don’t miss the video which is embedded right after the photos.

Underwear and T-shirts: L’Homme Invisible
Photographer: Mateo Armand
Video by: 2H56 Productions
Model: Jeremy Douille, Julian Ardley
Location: Paris