Today’s underwear suggestions are sponsored by Deal by Ethan and Hohowear.Just in time for Christmas we thought we should give you some ideas for stocking fillers. Small and incredibly sexy male underwear. Check them out below:

Good Devil Net G-string

Good Devil’s Net G-string is about as edgy as it gets. The skimpiest piece in Good Devil’s “Net” group, the Net G-string shows just about everything. Thin waist band with G-string back and just enough netting in the front to hold in your pouch.
For the uncensored pictures of the underwear and of course to buy it click below:
Good Devil Net g-string

Good Devil net g-string


Hohowear Shiny silver stretch boxer shorts

A great pair of underwear made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Stretchy and super shiny these silver boxer shorts come in one size that fits most.
Check them out here:
Hohowear Shiny silver stretch boxer shorts


Male Power Super Sock thong

This is the perfect undergarment if you don’t want any underwear lines with tight or white pants.
A wide waistband and fully contoured pouch for unbinding comfort and support. Available in black, white and riyal blue.

Check it out here:
male power super sock thong

Hohowear Pouch Jockstrap

Very sexy and delicate design jockstrap with a thin pouch and straps. Tha fabric is very similar to swimwear. One size fits most and a great selection of colours for you to choose from.
Check it out here:
Hohowear pouch jockstrap

Joe Snyder Bulge thong

The Joe Snyder Bulge products give your package a lift up and out – creating a very noticeable bulge. This noticeable increase in package appearance can even be noticed through jeans. Elastic feature provides snug fit everywhere. Features a durable double-seamed waistband. Because Joe Snyder gear has no liner, it can easily be worn as underwear, swimsuit or sportswear. The very stretchy material ensures there is room to go smaller or larger.

Check it out here:
Joe Snyder Bulge thong
Today’s underwear suggestions are sponsored by Deal by Ethan and Hohowear.