Today’s review is for the Organic Bamboo Micro brief by Nukleus. This underwear is part of the broader collection of Nukleus comprising underwear made from 100% organic and natural materials. The micro brief was supplied to us by Underwear Concept
Nukleus - Organic Bamboo Micro Brief

Underwear review by Jeff for Men and Underwear

Recently I was given a pair of Nukleus micro briefs to try. They look plain enough: a standard brief cut with fairly narrow side bands, and a simple white cotton-feel material, which, on closer inspection, turned out to be bamboo. I know my body shape and guessed that these would be comfortable and give me the support I like. Under jeans that day they performed just as expected – super comfortable and keeping everything in place without pressure or constriction. The waistband is fairly slight and the elastication quite mild, but they stayed put, walking, sitting or whatever else I was doing. They are one of the very few pairs of underwear I have that I don’t notice while I am wearing them. Admittedly, they’re not very noticeable visually either, but sometimes simple is best.

A huge thanks to Jeff for carrying our the review and Underwear Concept for supplying the underwear.