The Eurovision Song Contest is a huge celebration of music and inclusion that is watched by millions of people all over the world. The contest consists of two semi-finals, which will take place on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. These will lead to the selection of the final 25 acts that will compete in the final on Saturday, 11th May. Many people have already set for their favourite songs and countries for which they are rooting. If you want to add more fun to the occasion, we’ve put together a guide for the perfect underwear to match your chosen act on the big night!

Croatia 🇭🇷 Obviously Apparel – PrimeMan Hipster Briefs – Red

Obviously Apparel - underwear - PrimeMan Hipster Briefs Red

If you are cheering for the Croatian song, which is one of the favourites to win this year, we suggest trying out Obviously’s PrimeMan Hipster Briefs in red. The briefs’ colours match those of the Croatian flag, and they are incredibly comfortable and stretchy, providing you with great comfort while dancing to the fast rhythm of “Rim Tig Tagi Dim!”

Italy 🇮🇹 Adam Smith – Adorable Bikini Briefs – Flowers

Adam Smith - Adorable Bikini Briefs - Flowers

According to the polls, Italy’s song “La Noia” is another favourite to win. The main highlights of the staging are the flower projections in the background and on Angelina Mango’s dress. So, if this song is your favourite, too, then the Flowery Bikini Briefs from Adam Smith would be the perfect match!

France 🇫🇷 TOF Paris – French Bikini – White

If you’re a fan of France and rooting for them this year, and particularly love the amazing ballad “Mon Amour” performed by Slimane, then you might want to consider a white outfit to match what he’ll be wearing in the final. Our recommendation is the white bikini from TOF Paris. We think it’s perfect for the occasion!

Switzerland 🇨🇭 CODE 22 – Motion Trunks – Fuchsia

For those of you who support Switzerland’s entry “The Code” performed by Nemo, the perfect choice would be something from CODE 22 – pun intended! On stage, Nemo will be wearing pink, so we suggest the fuchsia Motion Trunks from CODE 22.

Ukraine 🇺🇦  Marcuse – Arose Briefs – Red

Marcuse Underwear Arose Briefs Red

If you’re rooting for Ukraine to win their fourth Eurovision Song Contest, we suggest including the red Arose Briefs of Marcuse in your outfit. The staging of the song “Teresa & Maria” features projections of fires and golden accents, so a red pair of briefs with gold accents would be a perfect fit to show your support for this song!

Greece 🇬🇷  Walking Jack – Micro Briefs Navy

If you are rooting for “Zari” to win the Eurovision this year then something blue and Greek would be perfect to show off that night! We recommend the navy blue Micro Briefs from the Greek brand Walking Jack, which we are sure Marina Satti would also approve!

United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Barcode Berlin – Jockstrap Sergey Red

Barcode Berlin - Sergey Jockstrap - Red

Although the UK is not considered a favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest, we support it and have included it in our list of recommendations because its performance features some great jockstraps worn by Olly Alexander and his dancers! However, please note that they wear the jockstraps over their shorts. If you want to show your support for more visible underwear in Eurovision, we recommend wearing Barcode’s red Sergey Jockstrap either over or under your pants!

Netherlands 🇳🇱 CODE 22 – Bright Mesh Briefs – Orange

One more contender for this year’s ESC win is the Netherlands and their fun and catchy song Europapa. If you like this entry and want to show your support, we recommend the orange Bright Mesh Briefs from CODE 22. They combine the national colour of the Netherlands, orange, with the colour Joost Klein will be wearing on stage, blue!

Austria 🇦🇹 Marcuse – Superstar Jockstrap – Black

If you are rooting for Austria and their dynamic and perfectly staged “We Will Rave”, we think we found the perfect pair of underwear for you! The Superstar Jockstrap in black by Marcuse will perfectly match the dark yet shiny presence of Kaleen and her dancers!

May the best song win! – CODE 22 – Pride Mesh Briefs – Print

CODE 22 - underwear

If you’re undecided about the song you’d like to see win and what to wear for Eurovision night, we recommend the Pride Mesh Briefs from CODE 22. They are limited edition, vibrant, and colourful, and they will keep you cool while you wait for the voting and results announcement.