We’re excited to announce the return of CODE 22‘s Army Briefs for the new Summer 2024 season. This is the third time we get a restock on these briefs as they prove to be your favourite! The Army Briefs are a natural continuation to the Army Line and come in navy and petrol camo options. The whole line features briefs, trunks, jocks, and socks in both colours. The briefs come in five sizes ranging from S to XXL to fit most, while the socks come in one size. The collection’s colours are perfect for any season, and the athletic mesh fabric ensures breathability and freshness. The waistband features a retro CODE 22 logo, stripes, and stars. It’s incredibly soft and features three chevron stripes and a star on the back. Check out the two briefs below, and if you like what you see, head to the CODE 22 section of our shop to purchase some for yourself.