Welcome, April! The second month of spring is here, and many of us are excited to bring out our bright and lighter fabrics to embrace the warmer weather. It’s also the time to get back into shape before the summer, so people are hitting the gym and shopping for athletic underwear and accessories. In this edition of “What’s Hot,” we will showcase items that reflect these trends, including items on sale, newly arrived pieces, and a few other options. So let’s dive in and discover what’s hot this month at Men and Underwear – The Shop.

Marcuse – Arose Briefs – Navy

Marcuse Australia underwear - Arose

It seems that the Arose Briefs of Marcuse are the top choice this season. This is an updated version of a popular design that was released last year and now comes in six different colors. These briefs feature a modern style and plenty of innovative features that are sure to impress.

Barcode Berlin – Briefs Reigi – Brownish Purple

Another best-selling style this season is the Barcode’s Briefs Reigi, made from soft mesh material, which features a modern and minimalistic design with a small logo label on the side.

Adam Smith – Mesh Long Trunks – Grey

Underwear – Sports Collection by Adam Smith Wear - Mesh Long Trunks

Many considered the Mesh Long Trunks for their next workout. Made from high-quality fabric, they allow your skin to breathe and keep you cool during tough exercises. Wear them on their own or under short shorts.

Zosimi Beads – Gemstone Bracelet – Jade Forest Mix

Another great option this month is Zosimi Beads’ handmade bracelets. One that received a lot of attention is the Jade Forest Mix, made from jade stones in tones of green.

Marcuse – Breeze Briefs – Khaki

One of the best-selling styles this season was cool underwear with a low-rise fit. The Breeze Briefs come in four colours and are made with one of the lighter fabrics you have ever worn!