CODE 22 has introduced a new line called Motion for Fall Winter 2023-24. The Motion line comprises briefs, trunks, and jockstraps in a combination of fuchsia and black hues that give a fresh and fashionable look. The Motion line has the same style as the Motion Push-Up line introduced last year. The inside pouch technology used in this line is the same as that used in the Motion Push-Up line, which is an inside pocket that lifts and enhances naturally without padding. This technology is very popular among CODE 22 fans, which is why the brand has included it in this year’s collection. The fabric used in this line is the trademark athletic mesh of CODE 22, which is a perforated, nylon-based material designed to feel cool and allow your skin to breathe better. Check out these new products below, and if you want to own them, head to the CODE 22 section of our shop to purchase them.