We previously introduced the Maximo Underwear Collection by Marcuse Australia a few months ago. Good news! The collection is now available again at Men and Underwear – The Shop. If you’re a fan of underwear and love to collect them, this line is perfect for you. Maximo is a fashion-forward collection that draws inspiration from the classic Japanese underwear style called fundoshi. If you’re looking for something unique and exciting to add to your underwear collection, this might just be one of the most captivating collections ever.

Marcuse has showcased their innovative spirit by drawing inspiration from the fundoshi while incorporating distinctive features that are seldom seen in men’s underwear. The highlight of this collection is the pouch that can be adjusted to the left or right for a personalized fit. The single-ply pouch features an embroidered Marcuse logo and is designed to conform to the male anatomy, providing ample space and a proper shape. The top part of the pouch can be shifted to alter its appearance and feel. Additionally, the waistband design is a novel approach as it is soft on one side and rough on the other. Marcuse has cleverly played with the senses by creating a waistband that is meant to be touched, leaving one tingled by its texture.

The Maximo collection of underwear features three distinct styles – briefs, jocks, and thongs – each available in four contemporary colourways. The briefs offer full coverage like a tanga, while the jock features super soft leg straps and the thong has a classic exposed back. All three styles are designed to provide comfort and style. Check out this collection of 12 amazing underwear options and head to the Marcuse section of our eShop to get yourself a pair (or more!) for your top drawer.

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