A new collection from Barcode Berlin, called Rib Thongs Proud B, has just arrived at Men and Underwear – The Shop! The mini collection comprises black and white thongs made with ribbed cotton and matching waistbands. The collection will satisfy thong lovers as Barcode knows how to make a thong very comfortable and sexy! The pouch of this style is contoured, offering space and support, while the back offers the full exposure of a men’s thong. The waistband is elasticated and narrow with the work PROUD printed on a repeat pattern. In the middle front of the waistband, there is a little woven red label with the Barcode name on it. Look at the two new designs below and if you like what you see, visit the Barcode Berlin section in our shop and get some! Along with these amazing thongs, we brought back the renowned Sergey Jocks in all colour variations and sizes, the limited edition Sergey Pop and the Andreus Jocks!