Spring has just arrived and enriched our mood with many positive emotions! This season is the time when nature awakes and everything is fresh, alive and new. Many of us start thinking about what we will do in the summer while others enjoy the scents of flowers and the good weather without making any plans for the summer. The bright colours of spring mark the end of the winter and give us the inspiration for new goals and experiences. Opposed to the dull, cold grey and white hues of winter, spring comes with an innovate and vibrant palette. One of the brightest colours of spring is the colour of the sunshine, yellow!  Yellow colour symbolises rebirth, hope, happiness, freshness, positivity and energy and that’s why it is among the colours that prevail in the underwear fashion at this moment.

Now that it’s spring, let us have a look at some special vernal underwear that star in the men’s global underwear market this season.

Marcuse – Astra Briefs

Marcuse - Astra Briefs - Yellow

The new Astra Briefs in vibrant yellow of Marcuse are a super low rise pair of underwear where premium comfort blends with contemporary style!  Feel sexy and confident wearing this brief, crafted from a premium cotton blend with contoured, unlined pouch. We strongly believe that wearing this yellow brief during the day, can lift your mood up!

Marcuse – Brighten Thong

Marcuse - Brighten Thong - Yellow

Our second yellow proposal of the same brand, is the fashionable Brighten Thong. This sexy, low rise thong is made from a modal blend fabric with a generous amount of elastane and that makes it stretchy but also very soft to the touch, lightweight and breathable. The best choice to add a vibrant hue to your spring underwear collection!

Barcode Berlin – Thong Miran

Barcode Berlin - Thong Miran - Yellow

Another bright yellow choice is the Thong Miran of Barcode Berlin, made from ribbed cotton fabric. This thong features a contoured pouch that will give you all the space you need and a triangular back for minimal coverage of the buttocks. The waistband is narrow, in white with the Barcode logo repeated and a red line at the top. This thong is sexy, fun and fresh!

Barcode Berlin – Jockstrap Sergey

Joe Snyder - Classic Bikini Spectrum

One more eye-catching underwear of the same brand is the timeless Sergey Jockstrap. It is tough and sturdy and made to last longer and withstand heavy duty. You can wear this at the gym or any other intense activities. The pouch is made from a ribbed fabric to provide the best hold you can get and the waistband is wide to provide a low rise fit and great support. Undeniably one of the best jockstraps in the world today!

Joe Snyder – Classic Bikini Spectrum

Joe Snyder - Classic Bikini Spectrum

The Classic Bikini Spectrum of Mexican brand Joe Snyder is the definition of spring! This vibrant underwear in tones of green, orange and yellow is a feast of colours, which is the perfect choice for this season. This sexy style provides a sleek and snug fit, offering optimal support in the front and back, giving you a great shape. The Classic Bikini Spectrum can be worn as underwear as well as swimwear, so is great for casual or everyday wear either under your clothes or the poolside!