We are quite excited to show you today the latest addition to the underwear collection of CODE 22. The Spanish brand has taken a very popular print and presents a line of briefs, trunks, jockstraps and backless briefs in a grey camo, we absolutely adore! The fabric is an athletic mesh, a well known blend of polyester and elastane to the fans of CODE 22, made to feel light and soft. One more benefit of this fabric is that it is perforated so your skin will breathe better keeping you cool for longer. The silhouettes offer space in the pouch which is unlined and well constructed to give you the support you need, exactly where you need it.

The design of the new Camo Collection features a grey camouflage print body with grey piping on either side of the pouch. In the trunks, the back has a seam that runs along the centre from top to bottom for support and definition. The waistband in all four styles is super soft and features the CODE 22 logo in a retro, army style to match the overall military style, with stripes and stars. At the back of the waistband there is a military graphic with three chevrons and a star.

See below all four new styles of this amazing line. Each photo will get you to the product page to find out more details about it. The price of the items are 20 euros for the jockstrap, 23 euros for the briefs and the backless briefs and 25 euros for the trunks.

Code 22 underwear - Army Briefs Camo Grey CODE 22 underwear Army Boxer Camo Grey CODE 22 underwear - Army Jockstrap Camo Grey Code 22 underwear - Army Backless Briefs Camo Grey