One more brand (the eighth) just added in Men and Underwear – The Shop! The brand is Kale Owen, based in France, known for its play on masculinity, sexy designs, top quality products and chic patterns. Many of our readers asked for strings and thongs to be included in the selection of underwear we sell in the shop. This brand, Kale Owen, is a perfect example of thongs and strings made to fit the male anatomy. Expect nothing but the best in terms of contouring, with comfortable pouches and sturdy stitching to please all underwear aficionados.

Thongs and strings are growing in popularity among men. They give a nice sensation of sensuality to many and their minimal coverage means that sometimes you feel as if you are not wearing any underwear at all. If you have never tried any of these styles, then you should definitely get a pair or two to see the difference in terms of how you feel wearing them. Thongs and strings are also quite popular among celebrities and actors as they provide the hold you need on the pouch and the don’t show on the back under tight pants.

The reason why we chose Kale Owen for the first thongs and strings in our shop is because they have traditional and non traditional styles. You will find classic thongs and strings but also a few hybrids of thongs mixed with briefs and trunks which we find amazing! We were amazed by the quality of their fabrics in the samples we received, the manufacturing and very discreet branding. In Men and Underwear – The Shop you will now find thongs, strings and bikini briefs from the two new lines of Kale Owen called Bay Leaf and Jeans and Roses. Both feature fashionable florals, one is a delightful white and light green and the other in a striking pink and dark blue. We expect these to run out quite fast so act fast! If your size or style is out of stock, please don’t hesitate to send us an email so we can order it for you.

Enjoy some photos from the new designs below and find out more in our shop at the section of Kale Owen underwear.

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