We are delighted to show you today a new brand from Europe: Pond Copenhagen. Pond is a Danish lifestyle brand focusing on climate friendly and versatile swimwear for men. “European” swimwear, for many of you, especially our readers on the other side of the Atlantic, means swim briefs. Well guys, you guessed it right; Pond Copenhagen has reinvented a favourite swimwear silhouette, the swim briefs, as a lifestyle garment.

Pond Copenhagen was launched in February 2021 in the capital of Denmark by four water loving Copenhageners: Rasmus Veggerby, Mikkel Bechshøft, Anders Krygell and Alexandra Thielke. They wanted to design functional and climate-friendly swimwear for all urban water lovers. Their customer is anyone who demands swimwear that offers freedom. Freedom of movement. Freedom to jump in the harbour. Freedom to enjoy. Freedom to be. The first collection comprises briefs in six colour ways: black with white detailing, green with orange detailing, blue with pink detailing, red with yellow detailing, burgundy with white detailing and yellow with turquoise detailing. The fabric Pond Copenhagen used for their swimwear is called Q-NOVA. Q-NOVA is quick-drying and durable nylon fiber, regenerated from nylon scraps, produced with a very low climate footprint. We would describe the silhouette as an amalgam of low rise swim briefs and sunga. It is wide of the sides, offers good coverage on the sides and back and the front is flat, typical of sungas. Let’s hear from one of the founders, creative director Rasmus Veggerby, why this particular shape was chosen:

‘Yes, swim shorts for men may have gotten a little shorter in recent years, but they still get full of air, stick to the thighs and never dry. They are just not suitable for us water lovers enjoying year round city dipping. We need swimwear that offers freedom. Freedom to jump in the harbour whenever and freedom of movement in the water. That is what a pair of Pond swim briefs offer.’

Pond Copenhagen swim briefs are the outcome of a meticulous process to obtain the perfect fit, coverage and function. They are handcrafted in a small swimwear factory in Portugal, made to last and designed to be used in the city. There is a strong drawstring and quick-tightener to ensure that the swim briefs stays in place, dip after dip. There is also a small strap on the side, the hallmark of the brand, practical for hanging the wet briefs to dry, or to hang your keys or sunglasses from if you want to.

Below are some of the lifestyle images, the brand released earlier in the year, photographed by Mads Tolstrup. If you like what you see, you’d be pleased to know that via their official eShop worldwide shipping is available. You’d also be pleased to know that Pond Copenhagen offers to all our readers free worldwide shipping with coupon code PONDSHIPPING. Pond Copenhagen is actively expanding its presence via a growing number of selected retailers worldwide.

Pond Copenhagen - swimwear Pond Copenhagen - swimwear Pond Copenhagen - swimwear Pond Copenhagen - swimwear Pond Copenhagen - swimwear Pond Copenhagen - swimwear Pond Copenhagen - swimwear Pond Copenhagen - swimwear Pond Copenhagen - swimwear