The third brand of designer Timoteo Ocampo called VAUX has just released its first collection and is one of the first retailers to stock the VAUX VX1 jockstrap collection. Alongside Timoteo and Cellblock13, the new brand VAUX seems to be taking another step further towards fetish wear for Ocampo. The designer used a perforated fabric for the pouch of these jocks, fully lined with a same colour, opaque, fabric for coverage. This collection comes in four colours: black, white, turquoise and fuchsia. The waistband is elasticated and heavily branded with the name of the new brand repeated on it and printed on a label placed in the front.

Have a look at the new designs below and if you like what you see, head over to to get yourself some!

Vaux underwear - Black Jock Front Vaux underwear Vaux underwear Vaux underwear