The newest collection by CellBlock 13 is the Bare Mesh Series. One of the first retailers to offer it to their customers is American jock specialists The Bare Mesh Series comprises pouch-jocks and harnesses that complement each other but sold separately. The Bare Mesh Pouch Jockstrap is made of a large-hole mesh fabric (polyester and elastane blend) and it really made to impress. For those familiar with the designs of Cellblock13, the style and fit reminds the Sonic and Legion pouch-jocks. The pouch is well-contoured to enhance your front and contains an extra layer of fabric on the inside so the mesh is not see-through. What makes these style unique is the absence of waistband. The jock has leg straps attached to the pouch with rings and in order to stay on it needs to be clipped on a harness. The jock-pouches and harnesses of this collection are sold separately and come in four colour combinations which you can see below.

Cellblock13 jock and harness Cellblock13 jock and harnessCellblock13 jock and harnessCellblock13 jock and harnessCellblock13 jock and harness