Today’s underwear review is of the Series D Stripe Pattern Fit Brief by King Style. The item was supplied to us by King Style and is part of their Series D collection. King Style is a mens underwear brand based in Taiwan. They launched in 1999 under the name “King Size” which was changed to the current “King Style” in 2003. They offer 5 Series of underwear, each with its own unique features. Their designs are patented in countries such as Australia, Taiwan, USA, Japan and China.

King Style - Series D Stripe Pattern Fit Brief review

Review by Ethan for Men and Underwear blog

Great value for money. I was very happy to receive this pair of briefs from the guys at King Style the other day. I find briefs the most comfortable cut for summer and I am always happy to try new and innovative pouch designs, so I was very excited to try these on and put them to the test. These briefs are part of the D series of the Taiwan-based brand, which means there is a double layered pouch with a hygiene focused design. The overall style of the pouch was new to me and I had to find my way through how the design works best. There is literally a special place for everything, but if you turn them inside out you will see exactly how to wear them properly and what to put where. The pouch is made in such a way as to keep all your parts separated by layers of fabric, I guess to prevent rubbing. The style seems to work well. They were mostly comfortable, with only one or two readjustments needing to be made throughout the day! Sometimes underwear designs with “hygienic” features can look a bit strange. The difference that King Style makes is that these briefs do serve the purpose and at the same time look very nice! I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few elements you see in much more expensive underwear, such as printed washing instructions and a centered logo on the waistband. The fly front is fully functional with openings on either side. The panels are cut with precision, something that really shows on a striped pattern fabric. Here the stripes are perfectly horizontal where they should be and at a slight bias on the front panels to visually enhance the pouch. The fabric is light and airy, polyamide-based with 10% spandex, so they have a slightly silky feel as well as very good stretch and a nice fit. Very comfortable throughout, the only exception being that I found the leg openings slightly tight, and I don’t have big legs, so ideally these would be best for guys with slim thighs. Having said that, maybe this is a piece of underwear you should try.

Price: 15.00 AUD (that around 11.50 USD or 10.50 euro or 7.50 GBP at the time of this review)
Underwear provided by: King Style
Direct link for this product: King Style – Series D Stripe Pattern Fit Brief
Other colours from the Series D: King Style – Series D
Sizes: medium, large, extra large, double extra large.

King Style underwear - Series D
A big thanks to the guys at King Style for providing the product.