One of the most innovative collections of fetish wear comes from Cellblock13. The latest release of the American brand, sister brand or Timoteo and designed by Timoteo Ocampo, is the Cyber X-Treme jockstraps and harnesses. One of the first stores to have it available is no other than the jocks and athletic supporters specialist

The Cellblock Cyber X-Treme is a unique fetish jockstrap with a pouch that can be unbuttoned and removed and a built-in and heavy-duty jock armour C-ring (see last photo below). Some of you you may remember the original CellBlock 13 X-Treme Hybrid jockstrap; well, this is a based on that design with a some alterations and improvements. This jock features a hefty 2″ waistband with the CellBlock13 logo front and centre. The pouch is fully removable using the snap buttons which will then expose the built-in C-ring. The inbuilt c-ring is made from a Perfect Fit silicone rubber and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) that will stretch to accommodate your anatomy and will hold firm as needed. Just like the pouch the C-ring can also be removed if you wish to wear only the jockstrap. The material the pouch is made is a 70% Nylon, 20% Elastane and 10% Neoprene blend.

The look you see in the photos below comes complete with the separately bought Cyber X-Treme harness. The neoprene harness can be worn with any of the Cellblock 13 jocks, or even with a pair of jeans by hooking onto your front belt loops. This product does allow some adjusting by up to 3 inches with 3 snap buttons.