They have just been launched at Jockstrap Central and they feature the most innovative design of the season. We are talking about the Smuggler Jockstraps by LA based brand Cellblock13, a new style of sports fetish wear enhanced with practical stash pockets. From a very first look you get the impression it is just a tool belt crossed with a bum bag (fanny pack) crossed with a jockstrap… but there is more!

The pouch is made from black, textured, neoprene with contrasting piping down the centre and sides in red, white, blue or yellow. It is lined on the inside with a layer of soft foam to prevent your sensitive parts rubbing against the neoprene. The waistband is wide and branded with the logo name of the brand placed in the centre front. It features sporty stripes that match the piping on the pouch. The leg straps are also branded, narrower than the waistband but with matching coloured stripes. The back is where the true innovation comes in. It is built into the design covering the back sewn from side to side where the waistband ends. Completely build in black, textured, neoprene it features two pockets with velcro flaps. The bigger one can easily hold an average mobile phone and the smaller one could fit your card or condoms. Behind the big one there is another pocket with a zip in which you can stash money or other valuables.

Is it a jock for the gym or for everyday wear? Definitely not! This is a jock, made to be worn at a special event or a special party. Despite its limited wearability though it is still a very interesting design that combines practicality, sports gear fetish and underwear fashion!

In the exclusive to Jockstrap Central campaign you see below, Zack Acland is posing in the new designs.