The line Velocity, by fetish-meets-fashion American brand Cellblock13, was launched at UK retailer VOCLA. The label of designer Timoteo Ocampo has created this line made from a PU rubber material with a matt finish and a stretchy polyamide. The design features colour blocking with black as the main block, combined with orange or blue or red panels and detailing. The styles available are shorts, trunks and jockstraps.

A similar part on all cuts and the design element that makes this line cohesive, is the pouch. It has a vertical stripe and seam and is contoured to allow space, offering at the same time a little extra lift and definition. The shorts feature a zip at the back and side pockets. Pockets you will find on the trunks as well which feature wide leg trims. The jock has more of a fashion styling rather than an athletic one. The front is very similar to a briefs’ front and there are side panels that reach up to a certain point at the back leaving the rear exposed to the leg straps.