Quite a few brands have already started unveiling their swimwear collections for summer 2018. Catalan, sister brands based in Barcelona, ES Collection and Addicted are among those that presented the first part of their collections, as early as the first week of January, on their social media and websites! We had a quick look at Addicted yesterday in our Weekend Feast, so lets have a look today at what ES has prepared for summer.

“Blau” is the Catalan word for blue and was chosen as the name of its swimwear collection for 2018. The label, this year, chose a name that takes it back to its roots, after last year’s “Neró”, the Greek word for water it chose for its swimwear 2017 collection. It’s an obvious choice, not only after the political events in Catalonia last year, but also because blue is a colour that brings summer in mind!

But even if the name of the collection didn’t impress us at all, the designs did quite the opposite! ES Collection is known for its sophisticated style and this collection comes to certify that. Metallics, camo, floral and neon colours have been given an ES Collection twist and presented in a new way. Comfort and striking designs are mixed with functionality and unique enhancing features in a range of different swimwear styles, and sizes up to 3XL.

Have a look at some of our own favourites below: