Today we are very happy to show you some exceptional images from the very talented Israeli photographer Guy Danieli. Guy is a true artist. Apart from being a great photographer his skills extend to graphic design, drawing, sculpture and interior design. We are delightful to have his work in our hands and be able to show it to you! This is the first time his work is featured in Men and Underwear and we hope there will be a lot more in the future. In the editorial you see below, Guy Danieli collaborated with model Jacob Hoxsley. Jacob is 25 years old. He is into fitness and he has got a great taste for underwear. In this shoot he is seen posing in underwear by S.wear, shorts by Adidas and own swim shorts.


Photographer: Guy Danieli
Model: Jacob Hoxsey
Underwear: S.Wear
Shorts: Adidas
Cap: Mr S Leather