by Triston Brewer,

Mesh has gone from the sheets to the streets in interesting ways. What was once used sparingly in fashion collections has undergone a huge transformation to become one of the biggest trends on concrete jungles worldwide. From intimate apparel to swimwear, casual to formal events, mesh can be seen in all forms in all places. Its high breathability and functionality make it a popular choice, and as a sexy complement to clothes, mesh makes for the ultimate style statement that is decidedly sexy.

Wearing mesh is not just for sports enthusiasts anymore, with the look going from being associated with athleisure labels to dominating certain catwalk shows during Fashion Week. As its popularity has increased, so has the look of mesh, which has evolved to include laser cuts, various textures and scales and dimensions.

International Jock is just one store that has taken the mesh trend and placed their own stamp on it, now featuring an array of designers that demonstrate the versatility of the mesh look in all types of apparel.

Have a look at some of our own favourites below: