One more of the new collections this season that you certainly need to check is the one by Addicted. The Catalan brand (little and naughty sister of ES Collection) has decided to put a big smile on everyone’s face with its spring-summer 2017 collection. Multiple inspirations accompanied by numerous campaigns presented a range of underwear in several styles featuring bold colours, quirky prints, fun patterns and metallic hues. You can add to the mix some stripes and solids and you get pretty much everything your heart desires.

The most loyal readers of Men and Underwear may remember that we featured parts of this collection earlier this year. Addicted is a brand that aims at a young customer and this collections is no exception. We are certain that some of you will find the prints on the back of a pair of briefs saying “insert here to play” or “gang bang” quite vulgar but before you go there, keep in mind that this collection is designed to be fun and humorous above all. It has guts, it’s love it or hate it, and this is exactly what we like about it!

Have a look at some of the key designs of this seasons collection. Enjoy the fun elements of the prints we mentioned but also have a look at the more mature metallics, stripes and solids.