SEX = POWER = FREEDOM. A new, 200 pages book by Andrew Christian (photo above) is out! Have a look

Marco-Marco wants you! The brand is looking for all types of models. Check out the announcement here

Our favourite Hunk Du Jour this week has been Rodiney Santiago

A gallery of shirtless male pop stars for your pleasure at Idolator

One more gallery, this time of model Jesse Dunphy at Definition of a Man

Our Instaman award this week goes to Diesel’s model Michael Naja And while you are there, follow us too!


Tani USA is asking for your help to build a better waistband. Crowdfunding details on Indiegogo

Special Valentine’s boxers by Petit-Q called Boxer Snap Kisses

Limited time only sale on all items by SUKREW at Dead Good Undies

26 fascinating milestones in underwear history at the blog of Buddha Boxers

Some pretty amazing prints in the Uniform Collection (photo below) by Muchachomalo