by Triston Brewer

With the new year fresh upon us, acclaimed photographer Gleisi Serra decided to invite Mister Brazil 2015 Matheus Gouveia to be featured in a series where he could show off his muscles and tattoos shirtless, wearing only white suspenders. Inside a factory, the shoot demonstrated the 36-year-old’s daring and provocative side, with the model admitting that during the new year he absolutely must have white clothing – preferably underwear – because his belief is that it serves as a welcome towards peace for the following year.

Matheus serves up a chiseled physique of lean muscle in this series of shots, and through his social media he has received scores of accolades from his fans. Now single, Matheus never tires of the compliments and continues to take care of his body by working out two times a week with weights, and three times a week with functional training. And for a walk on the wild side, Matheus also practices racing between all the workouts.

Photo credits: Gleisi Serra / Renato Cipriano