The model we feature today is Tyson Dayley and his recent collaboration with photographer Michael Downs for the AllAmericanGuys project. Tyson Dayley is not your average AAG model. Tyson did not gain his online stardom from posing for AAG, instead he created his own “insta-fame”. Through Instagram and other social media channels, Tyson has been able to gain a following of over 100k followers. He started as your typical “frat boy who lifts” and has transformed into a fitness icon and personality. That kind of following on any social media platform is sure to come with a few opportunities. Tyson used his network to move into other ventures, such as modelling. From his online stardom, Tyson has been able to pick up multiple sponsors and has traveled the world, shooting with some of the biggest photographers around the world. On top of being a fitness personality, Dayley is also a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a WBFF Pro bodybuilder. This guy has done amazing things with his life already at such a young age. We are excited too see him blow up over the next few years!