Meet BRANS Underwear, an underwear brand fresh on the radar for about a year now. Despite that, the brand promises to use some of the finest fabrics which are sustainable and ensures high levels of comfort for the modern men.

BRANS, was conceptualised and coined as being symbolic to being “brand-new”; new ways in terms of how the products are marketed and the messages present in their marketing campaigns and brand identity. With sex appeal being an inevitable driving factor in this product category, the Founder and the BRANS Team envisions it being a force which could help spread positive messages on body image and showcases the notion of being free to love #loveislove.

Watch as this loving couple dressed in BRANS Underwear first collection, BRAVE, which features cotton underwear in three bold solid colours made using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic cotton, have some good fun and dance in this tongue and cheek body positive campaign.

The brand launched their new collection, G Series, couple of weeks ago. It is described as being extremely smooth and soft to the touch, all while being durable and effortlessly draws moisture away from the body using technology by the Lenzing modal fabric. It comes in 2 styles, briefs and boxers.

Both styles are available in White, Black and Purple.