Written by: Megan Chase

What started off as Christmas presents for friends quickly became a new business venture for Bum-Chums founders Gareth Dickenson and Craig Hendry. They went into the men’s underwear business together over a pint of beer and recently released a sexy and provocative new collection of men’s lace underwear.

“Well, we never really thought about doing a lace collection until about six months ago. Customers and distributers alike asked us repeatedly if we’d ever thought about introducing it and after a while the idea caught on,” said Hendry.

Bum Chums lace underwear

The “cheeky” British underwear brand has evolved from basic black and white boxer style designs to the racier and boundary-pushing styles of today. The new line is already sparking some heated debates on social media and, according to Hendry, “I never imagined that we’d be making these kind of pants!”

The new collection includes hipsters, briefs and thongs in five new colour variations that keep with the visual prowess of the brand, and the addition of lace is a break from tradition.

Bum Chums mens underwear Lace Collection

“We ordered in the sample fabrics and started looking at colours. Once the prototype pairs were made, we stood in front of the mirrors in the studio with our coffee and had a moment (as British designers do),” Hendry recalled.

The fabrics alone could deliver a feeling of ecstasy and devilment, with delicate floral designs added to the lace. Shaped to fit men in every way, the accommodating pouches, cupping and supportive lines edged with delicate lace elastic may be too much for some, but others have loved the kinky flare.

Bum-Chums is challenging the traditional concepts of men’s underwear and is providing a sexy alternative to mesh. Each pair is $23.99 USD and the first batch sold out within the first 30min!

Bum Chums underwear - mens lace