Many of you have probably experienced big or small problems, bad customer service, coupon codes that don’t work or even newsletter subscription forms that don’t go through. It is not very often though you hear from brands admitting their mistake and taking action to resolve things fast enough.

We received an email this morning from the guys at Bum-Chums. The fast growing, British men’s underwear brand identified an error which involved the new 2-step confirmation in joining their newsletter to receive a 15% checkout discount for joining. The people affected didn’t receive their code.

Craig Hendry, the founder of the brand told Men and Underwear: “I was made aware of the problem before the weekend and by the end of that day it was fixed, including reparation to those impacted. A Newsletter and messages were sent letting people know we made a whoops!”.

The brand has now fixed the problem and their subscription form works perfectly. Apart from fixing the problem very fast they sent out an apology to their clients and bloggers like us, in case some of our readers were affected, and made an offer to make it right again.
The brand has created the code OURBAD available for everyone, which gives you a 15% off everything in their collection. This code is valid for your first order and until Friday 13th May 2016. Alternatively, head to and join their newsletter to get your code.
It’s refreshing to see brands acting responsibly and fairly with their customers. In a world of disposable purchases and diminishing customer contact, it’s easy for some businesses to forget that they wouldn’t be where they are today without their customers. Well done Bum-Chums!

Bum-Chums underwear