One of the latest trends in underwear shopping is definitely the underwear clubs. If you don’t have much time to spare selecting your next favourite pair of underwear or if you feel there is too much choice out there, or if you simply prefer to let a specialist choose something that suits you then you probably need to give a curated underwear club a try.

We are glad to present you today, UbiSubUbi, a curated men’s underwear of the month club. This project was initiated as a joint effort of Ineke and Michael to meet the needs of their clients, while also helping others. Their company is based on the following principles – look good, feel good, do good. The users are offered monthly subscription, and each one of them is sent high end, designer pair of underwear every month in the sleek black box you see below. All you need to do is specify your style preference and size and you will receive a package each month. If you really like surprises, they will just need your size and UbiSubUbi un-commandos will make the selection especially for you.
Apart from having fun and enjoying designer underwear tailored for your needs, you will feel great knowing that for each pair of underwear you are sent, one pair is sent to the children in need. Founders of Ubi Sub Ubi are dedicated to giving back to the others in need. They work closely with their non-profit partner Free the Kids on the relief attempts for their orphanage in Haiti which is the home for 400 young people. For more information about pricing and subscription preferences visit their website:

Ubi Sub Ubi - Underwear at your doorstep every month