One of the most daring underwear collections of the season is the Octane collection by Cellblock13 just launched at Canadian retailer Jockstrap Central. The brand is known for its fetish meets fashion designs and these garments are no exception. The new gear has a number of exposing features like front zippered cod pieces, fully exposed or zippered back designs.

The jock trunks and fetish shorts are made with a slick and smooth skin-tight pleather (Polyurethane and Nylon/Spandex fabric) with plenty of stretch. The base colour is black with accents in blue, grey, red or yellow.

To model the new gear at Jockstrap Central, they called the (definitely not shy) models Matthew Eldracher and ginger bear cub Zack Acland. They’ve done a great job demonstrating the features. Enjoy some of the most tame photos below, there are plenty more NSFW at Jockstrap Central’s pages.