The model we will feature on our “Model Watch” today is Thom Evans. Thom was born in Zimbabwe in 1985 and he became famous as a rugby union player for Scotland. Ha had to retire early from the sport (aged 24) due to a serious neck injury. After a short period of training to become a sprinter he decided to take on an actor’s career.  Thom first appeared on Men and Underwear blog in a campaign by D.Hedral in May last year. (post: Sexy Thom Evans for D.Hedral underwear). In the year before that he was featured on the cover of Attitude magazine in August 2012 and his second cover on the same magazine appeared just last month in July 2014. The premier gay magazine also posted a backstage video from the shoot which you can watch below.

Thom Evans for Attitude magazine


Thom Evans - Attitude magazine
Apart from his work for the official campaign of D.Hedral, we saw (on Image Amplified) and loved Thom posing, one more time for Daniel Jaems, in F.Tape magazine. You can see sample pics below. There are probably many other shoots we missed to mention on this post (such as his fully naked appearance on the book “Dieux de Stade” by photographer Tony Duran) but we tried to stick to the ones we liked the most.
Thom Evans by Daniel Jaems


Thom Evans by Daniel Jaems
The latest news about the model is that he be a constant in this years ‘Strictly Come Dancing” on BBC, starting this autumn. Rumour has it this is the second consecutive year that the British broadcaster asks Thom to join the show. They seem to except a similar buzz such as for (another hot Rugby player) Ben Cohen’s participation last year. Thom, if you are reading this, you are our favourite!