Today’s review is about Kim Denzler trunks. To begin with, a few words about the brand.
Kim Denzler is a Swedish company founded in 2009. Three years of production development led to the creation of a distinctive “retroperspective” underwear style. Kim Denlzer is all about comfort, elegance, quality and a clean-cut look.

The designer and owner of the brand is Kim Sjögren. A Swede who sees himself as a true vagabond, one who goes “his own way”. This approach has taken him all over the world, sometimes with no money and just trusting in his charisma and other people’s kindness! In 2001, in Bangkok, with no place to stay and without the fare to return to Sweden he was street cast as a model for a European commercial. This led to a modelling career during which he learned a lot about the fashion industry and realised that he wanted to make his own mark in fashion. He returned to Sweden and went to the Textile School of Science, with the idea in mind of starting his own fashion label.

The pair we tried is called Bleached Lava

male underwear by Kim Denzler Bleached Lava

Packaging: Nice, soft plastic semi-transparent bag with a plastic zip at the side. Good for shops as a plastic hook at the top makes it easy to hang on a rail. (4.5/5)

kim denzler underwear packaging

Fabric: Soft cotton waistband with the logo of the brand to the back right hand side, using the same colour as the trim on the side and legs. The fabric (95% cotton, 5% elastan) is lightweight, with a very nice feel. The front pouch should make them comfortable to wear all day long. (5/5)

kim denzler underwear review

Fit: The pair has a very nice fit, maybe on the generous side. The inside label carries washing instructions and is placed nicely over the waistband seem making it comfortable against your lower back. (5/5)

Manufacturing: No loose threads or any other obvious manufacturing problems, these seem like good quality underwear. There is some slightly untidy cutting of the fabric where it is sewn to the waistband, but this is almost unnoticeable and is on the inside. The seems appear to be solid and will stand up to any kind of activity. Seems like a pair of underwear that will last for years without loosing its shape or altering in the wash. (4.8/5)

Overall points: 4.825/5
Overall, the Bleached Lava trunks by Kim Denzler are a great pair of underwear. I loved the distinctive colour which stands out in my underwear drawer and the feel you get wearing it under a pair of jeans. Retro and stylish in a good quality fabric with a nice fit. Something a bit different for your top drawer.

Where to buy: You can buy this pair on Kim Denzler’s website. The website is in Swedish only but I hope it will soon be also available in English too.You can also find them in shops and on websites in Sweden (