BoyEuro introduces the new Scandinavian brand of men’s underwear Alexander COBB®. In case you didn’t read our post a couple of days ago, the brand brings revolutionary innovation in a world of men’s underwear – fragrance underwear with strawberry aroma on original tattoo prints! The fragrance found in micro capsules spreads out and intensifies by rubbing, and it gives a new dimension to underwear. The fragrance lasts faithfully for up to 30 washes, and a certificate shows that it is not harmful for skin, and it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. Designers decided to use strawberry aroma as association to one of the most wanted fruits.

Alexander COBB underwear at BoyEuro
Alexander COBB® the most recent addition of the men’s underwear collection at BoyEuro becomes available today, June 5th. Each pair is made with designer quality elastic band, 92% cotton, and 8% lycra, so they feel like your second skin.
Alexander COBB at Boy Euro