This underwear suggestion is sponsored by dealbyethanSomething a bit different today for our underwear suggestion: WildmanT – Ball Lifter Protruder 2. This design is the evolution of WildmanT’s Ball lifter Protruder. In case you are not familiar with it, it is an item which can be worn under an underwear to enhance your front or by itself. It works like a c* ring while ligfting your package at the same time. Click on the link above to find out more about this product.

The WildmanT Protruder got a make-over! The Protruder 2! And it does just what the name says, protrudes your manhood forward giving you a fuller, lifted look. Now in a new style and colors! This male enhancing garment works in two ways. First, the suspension strap holds you ‘stuff’ up to keep it from falling and disappearing in between your legs. Plus it wraps around you man-junk with the adjustable strap to capture blood flow like a regular cock-ring would. However, with our extra wide 1.25″ strap, you get pushed forward more than any other cock-ring! This is great for wearing under your swimsuit, at the gym or with nothing at all under your clothes. Let everyone know your coming… with the Proturder 2!

This underwear suggestion is sponsored by dealbyethan