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Our underwear suggestion for today is a pair of navy, military-inspired trunks by CODE 22 called the Army Mesh Trunks. These square-cut boxer briefs have short legs and are made with a perforated, athletic mesh fabric that will keep you cool and fresh throughout the day. The pouch is wide and contoured to provide you with ample space and support. The design features a navy blue body with matching piping on both sides of the pouch. The back of the trunks has a seam that runs down the centre for support and definition. The waistband is super soft and has the CODE 22 logo in a retro, army style, with stripes and stars. At the back, there is a military graphic with three chevrons and a star.

Would you wear it?

CODE 22 - underwear - Army Mesh Trunks NavyCODE 22 - underwear - Army Mesh Trunks Navy CODE 22 - underwear - Army Mesh Trunks Navy