We’re thrilled to announce that Men and Underwear – The Shop is expanding its jewellery and accessories collection with four new, stunning bracelets from Zosimi Beads. Zosimi Beads is a brand that specializes in handmade jewelry, founded by Sandra Lindahl, a Swedish love immigrant who now resides in Greece. Sandra draws inspiration from the beauty of beads and colours to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that we all adore, incorporating just the right amount of bling.

The first one is the Zig Zag Bracelet in Green, a new addition to the Zig Zag bracelets, featuring shiny green glass beads in a zig-zag pattern. The second one is the Gemstone Bracelet – Jade Forest Mix which features Jade stones in shades of green arranged beautifully with a brown string. Jade comes with several healing properties that cleanse and remove toxins and negative energy from the body, also known for attracting good luck and is often used for good luck charms. The third one is the Cubes Gemstone Bracelet – Natural White Howlite which features striking off-white cube-shaped stones. Howlite is a stone for patience and calm. It’s said to help the wearer calm down, find patience and to not focus too much on unimportant matters. It also promotes a good night’s sleep and aids with anxiety and stress. The fourth one is the Cubes Gemstone Bracelet – Tree Agate, one more addition to the best-selling Cubes Gemstone Bracelets collection, featuring stones of Tree Agate in fantastic green and white tones. This stone is said to have a deep connection to nature and has been considered by many civilisations as a stone of plentitude. In ancient Greece, this stone was associated with dryads and to receive a plentiful harvest, the stone could sometimes be found buried in the fields. On a personal level, the stone is said to bring peace and calm to its wearer and to improve one’s immune system. It encourages self-expression and wanting to enjoy and appreciate the small things in life that are all around us.

Check out these four new bracelets below. If you find something you like, head over to the Zosimi Beads space in our shop to buy one for yourself or a loved one!