Bluebuck has created a new style of jockstraps we have never seen before and we are quite excited to bring them in store! The new jockstrap styles are made with a unique blend of organic cotton mixed with Seaqual and a dash of elastane. The cotton has a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate. SEAQUAL™ is a non-profit organisation which collaborates with Spanish fishermen to remove plastic waste from the ocean. This plastic waste is brought back to shore and sent to a recycling facility where it gets cleaned, treated and reinvented as yarn. The yarns are mixed with cotton and elastane to create the fabric this underwear is made from! The whole procedure results in a 40% reduction in water consumption, roughly 50% energy saved and an almost 60% reduction in carbon emissions! Even though Bluebuck has used this fabric in briefs and trunks, it is the first time they test it in jockstraps. The innovations though don’t stop there. Instead of leg straps made from an elastic band, Bluebuck has used fabric. The textile is the same as in the pouch which gives the jock a more fashion-forward look. The advantage is that the straps don’t cut in under the buttocks. but stay on them better. Moreover, stylistically it looks better and more cohesive design-wise.

The jocks come in two colour ways: Arctic Green and Twilight Blue. Both colours are among the best-selling hues of their briefs and trunks. They match perfectly well with the navy blue waistband and, we think, they look amazing! Below are the photos of the two new jocks. If you like what you see, take a look at the Bluebuck space in our eShop and get yourself some. We ship worldwide at the best rates!

Bluebuck underwear Arctic Green jockstrap Bluebuck underwear twilight blue jockstrap