We are quite excited to announce a further expansion of items available from TOF Paris in our shop! TOF Paris (aka Trends Of Friends) has released a limited edition collection designed and produced in Paris, France in “European” styles that are sexy and easy to wear. The collection, initially released in black, white, red and navy blue, run out in a matter if a few weeks and a few months later, the owner of the brand, Sylvain, decided to reproduce it. This time we managed to stock some items which you can find in the TOF Paris space along with their striking Metal collection we brought in our shop a couple of months ago! The brand just expanded the collection of these hot low rise briefs by adding four new colours: turquoise, royal blue, orange and grey. We, almost immediately, got some stock for you in all of these colours too!

The French Bikini is a low rise pair of briefs with no waistband, full coverage and discreet branding. The fabric is a jersey knit made with yarns of cotton (95%) and elastane for the right amount of stretch. There’s a minimum amount of stitching (sides and back are seamless) for frictionless comfort! The pouch has some contouring to allow more space and lining for an extra layer of protection. The waist consists of a narrow elastic covered with the same fabric to keep the underwear in place. Take a look at some of the product shots below and if you like what you see, go to Men and Underwear – The Shop to get yourself some. There are eight colours available in total (black, navy blue, red, white, turquoise, royal blue, orange and grey) and each in five sizes to fit most (S-M-L-XL-XXL).

TOF Paris underwear French bikini Turquoise TOF Paris underwear French bikini TOF Paris underwear French bikini TOF Paris underwear French bikiniTOF Paris - French Bikini - WhiteTOF Paris underwear French-bikini-black