This underwear suggestion is sponsored by KRONIS trunks

Our underwear suggestion today comes with an exclusive offer to our readers in the USA! KRONIS trunks are made with a soft 180 GSM Premium grade cotton and 5% elastane to allow for mobility throughout the day. The triple stitched microfiber waistband is soft but strong enough to hold you up. A 2-ply pouch is sewn up the sides and up the centre providing comfortable support with an attractive contoured look. KRONIS trunks are sold in 2-packs in these four colour combos: Black/Heather Grey, Charcoal Grey/Maroon, Navy Blue/Light Blue and Red/Blue. A 2-pack is valued at $24.97 including FREE shipping for US customers. Men and Underwear viewers can claim a 20% off discount with the promo code: 20%Welcome That’s less than $20USD for a 2 pack delivered! Go to

Would you miss it? Below, models Bryce McKinney and Anthony Lorca pose in two of Kronis’ trunks, the red and navy blue respectively.

Bryce McKinney in KRONIS red trunks Anthony Lorca - Kronis Trunks navy blue