Spanish brand CODE 22 has been consistently among your very favourites in Men and Underwear – The Shop and was one of your top choices for orders this season. No wonder we needed to bring back most of colours and sizes that were out of stock! Now you can find again the Athletic, Army, Thrust, Energy and Essential collections in all sizes and all colours! Every one of these collection has a distinctive style but they all have the trademark style of CODE 22 in common: fashionable, contemporary and comfortable!

Below there are some examples from these collections. If you like what you see, take a look at the CODE 22 section in our shop and get yourself some. There is a big variety of other styles as well as some bargains at discontinued items from this brand.

CODE 22 - Athletic Briefs - White CODE 22 - Athletic Collection - Model Miguel by Joan Crisol

CODE 22 - Army Jockstrap - Camo GreyCODE 22 Thrust Briefs - Model Ale by Joan Crisol CODE 22 - Thrust Backless - Steel BlueCODE 22 Energy Briefs CODE 22 underwear - Energy Jockstrap whiteCODE 22 - Essential Briefs - Black Code 22 essential briefs