As many of you know, we had to say goodbye to FeedBurner as Google is winding it down. FeedBurner was an RSS reader which handled our posts feed and distributed to our feed’s subscribers. We looked around and found as a great alternative to all those of you who want to get our features and articles delivered to their inbox on a daily basis. All  subscribers to our feed in FeedBurner have been transferred to so apart from a different layout, nothing else has changed and you should now continue to receive your daily newsletter. You don’t need to do anything, even though some of you may be asked to reconfirm your subscription upon receipt of the first newsletter which came out a few hours ago.

We take this opportunity to remind you all that Men and Underwear has three newsletter subscription services, tailored to your needs.

  1. There is a daily newsletter with the articles and features we published in our online magazine the previous day. This is now delivered to you by and you can subscribe to it here.
  2. There in another option of our magazine’s weekly newsletter (we usually send this every Saturday) with the most read/interesting articles and features of the week from our online magazine. You can subscribe to it here.
  3. For those of you want to receive our shop’s weekly newsletter (we usually send this every Friday) with new arrivals in our shop, exclusive discounts and offers you can can subscribe to it here.

You can subscribe to one, two or all three newsletters if you wish, it is totally up to you! Our newsletters are the best way to stay in touch with everything new from the underwear industry and a great way to stay in touch with us.

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