Raw Studio is back with some hot new reversible jockstraps with matching harnesses and Jockstrap Central is one of the first retailers to have them. This time, Raw Studio made two versions of their reversible jocks: one for most of us and one for the more endowed guys.

Raw Studio Scuba Jockstrap (narrow or full pouch): The pouch is made of Stretch Scuba Knit. This is a unique form of neoprene featuring a lightweight and smooth knit with a resilient stretch in every direction. It is similar to the soft stretchy fabric you find in scuba diving gear (hence the name!) On one side of the pouch is an awesome camouflage pattern and the other a grey melange with a reverse vertical seam in black. Besides the size of pouch, the other difference between the Full and Narrow jock is the slightly different waistband design that coordinates with one of two new Raw Studio harnesses.

In the exclusive to Jockstrap Central photos below, newcomer model Tobias is posing in the new, reversible, jocks and harnesses of Raw Studio.