The mini briefs and thongs by French brand Kale Owen have been consistently among the best selling designs in our shop. Just a few days ago we received more stock in all three prints but, again, it is expected to run out fast. Kale Owen is a French brand, known for its very sexy yet masculine designs. In all three collections we have in our shop, the brand uses a soft microfiber printed with fun and fashionable prints. But the most interesting part comes in the silhouettes, inspired by thongs and bikinis, made in innovative styles never seen in men’s underwear before. We love the creativity of this brand and as it seems you love it too! Below is a mix of product and editorial photos showcasing the extraordinary style of Kale Owen. If you click on each image you will get redirected to the product page to find out more about the specific product shown. All editorial photos are photographed by Markus Brehm.

Oliver Spedding by Markus Brehm - Kale Owen underwear

Oliver Spedding by Markus Brehm in the innovative Thong Brief underwear style by Kale Owen.

Kale Owen underwear - Men's Thong

The best selling Kale Owen Micro Brief in the Bay Leaf print is back in stock!

Oliver Rose by Markus Brehm - Kale Owen underwear

Oliver Rose photographed by Markus Brehm in the just restocked Kale Owen Jeans and Roses Micro Brief!

Kale Owen - Thong Trunk

Fun print meets innovation in the Thong Trunk hybrid by French label Kale Owen.

Rob Red by Markus Brehm – Kale Owen Thong

The classic (by French standards!) men’s Thong by Kale Owen on model Rob Red photographed by Markus Brehm.