He is one of the top photographers of our time and one of the very few who know how to capture the male form at its very best. We are talking of course about David Vance, a photographer whose work we had the pleasure to publish on numerous occasions in Men and Underwear. David is about to publish two new coffee table books of fine art male photography comprising some of his very best photos in lustrous editions. The books are called “Private Performances” and “Men and Water”, the 13th and 14th monograph of this amazing photographer. David Vance has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for both books on Kickstarter! and if you hurry and fund this project by the 15th of July you can get a tier with an early bird discount!

Private Performances is a collection of images, moments in time, pieces of personal realities of Vance. From expressive faces to bodies in mid air, posers professional and not, giving their all to him and his camera. The photos are personal, sometimes private and sometimes fully exhibitionistic. Think Cirque du Soleil meets Vanity Fair. You are sure to love it.

Men and Water will include images that involve water, on and around  beautiful men in various stages of undressed from fully clothed to totally nude. The photos are sexy, sensual and fun. The mood is light and uplifting.

Below are a few photos included in the books. For obvious reason we chose some that feature underwear on models we absolutely adore and rest assure there are plenty more in the upcoming books.

Enjoy the photos and back this project of David Vance today at this link.

David Vance - Men and Water book David Vance - Private Performances book David Vance - Private Performances book